I visited Dr. Peres’ office after seeing a coupon in the La Porte small business flyer. My first complaints were numb toes and lower back pain.

Dr. Peres9 approach to chiropractic care is different and his techniques are specific the individual patients’ needs. With this commitment to help his patients on their journey to better health the result were swift. I gained feeling back in my toes with-in the first few adjustments and the reduction of lower back pain has help with improved sleeping habits.

The efforts put forth by Dr. Peres to help improve my quality of life are greatly treasured and I look forward to the continued improvements toward healthy/natural living.

~Stacie P.

I am a 73 year old woman, who from the age of 49, began believing that to keep oneself healthy, one must eat healthy, exercise wisely, maintain a spiritually positive attitude, and see your chiropractor often. I believe in regularly visiting your chiropractor because I have read literature on the importance of maintaining one’s spine aligned and healthy.My experience with chiropractors who have attended to my physical needs has beenb wonderful. I have had pelvic pain, which was found to be related to my back. A chiropractor treated me successfully. Then I fell down while doing gymnastics, and developed other aches and pains. Doctors said I had arthritis. Chiropractic treatment took care of me.
These past 4 years have been very stressful for me. I had to retire from teaching to take care of my dear husband who passed away in 2012. Then I developed breast cancer (so far, I am cancer free). Then I took some bad falls. When I started aching again, I looked for a chiropractor. I found Dr. Peres.

~Maria L.
Retired Teacher

For the past 30 years I have been experiencing chronic low back pain due to an auto accident. For the 1st few years, I would just suppress the pain with over the counter pain relievers like Aleve or Tylenol. As the pain increased I decided to seek professional help. After seeing 2 different doctors I still had the chronic pain, as neither actually treated my condition but just gave me medication to temporarily relieve the pain.

I found La Porte Chiropractic when I started going to Dr. Reyhani, my podiatrist. I have been seeking treatments since April of 2014. Dr. Peres is a wonderful chiropractor. After just 4 months nearly all of my low back pain is gone. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good!

The staff is also extremely professional and friendly. I would advise anyone who is suffering to see Dr. Peres, he is very good at what he does and knows how to handle your condition.

~Carole P.

I first came to La Porte Chiropractic Associates in January of 2014 with severe pain from a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulders. I had been having problems in that area since August of 2013, and I was being treated in another facility 3 times per week since October. Despite the improvements I was making with regaining movement, I found that the pinched nerves kept reoccurring after 3 months of regular treatment Luckily I saw a coupon in the La Porte local merchants book for an affordable adjustment at La Porte Chiropractic Associates with x-rays included, so I was able to get a second opinion.Dr. Peres was able to get me in for treatment very quickly, which was great since I was in so much pain. He confirmed everything I had been told by the previous doctor and agreed that I would need regular treatment for a while. The major difference was the focus on the adjustments, rather than a large focus on pain therapy. While I did enjoy the exercises and the massage bed provided by the other doctor, I felt I was not receiving much benefit from the adjustments.
~Mikel Stroud
Kroger Floral Clerk

For over 2 years, I have been experiencing imbalance, vertigo, nausea, sciatica and upper back tension. These issues began to interfere with my everyday life as I was unable to work, falling, and missing out on family activities. I began seeing various doctors, some for sinuses and others for my vertigo and imbalance, I was only given multiple medications. I had ample CT scans and MRI scans taken and went through extensive therapies and lab work, but I was still having problems.

I started seeing Dr. Wood’s many years ago and eventually stopped treatment, but I returned to the office due to a sprained ankle. Dr. Carrell proceeded to wrap my ankle and within 5 minutes the swelling began to subside. Dr. Carrell is very professional and with the personalized treatments tailored to my specific needs I have had much improvement. Dr. CarrelPs experience with sports medicine has greatly benefited me from my very first visit. The range of treatment techniques have enhanced my adjustments. I have had substantial improvements with many of the symptoms I was experiencing.

In less than a month, my husband and I are both doing much better and able to sleep peacefully. We are both very pleased with our decision to set our treatment plans. Everyone is so helpful and I am very thankful for all the care I have received.

~Alice G
Registered Nurse

I came seeking treatment because of my back problems. I was involved in a tractor / mower accident and I have had this problem on and off for the past 10 years. It is hard to do housework which causes me to depend on other people. I have been to my family doctor and he prescribed me pain meds and I have had steroid shots also. I also went to a pain management doctor to get shots in my back and they worked for a little while but then the pain returned.My daughter-in-law referred me to Dr. Peres at the beginning of the year. Dr. Peres is nice, understanding and very helpful. Since beginning treatment I am now able to do my own house work without hurting.
I have referred my husband Joe to Dr. Peres and he feels better too. He is not so tired and now we are able to go out more. Without Dr. Peres and the staff, I would not be able to function as I am able to now. I don’t even need a cane to walk.

~Dolores H.

When I moved to Baytown the summer of 2010 to start my first teaching job out of college, my first priority was to find a chiropractor to treat the lasting effects of a spinal fusion after a car accident 7 years before. The chiropractor I began seeing in Baytown was not meeting my needs and I became very frustrated with their poor service. My first trip back home to Indiana, the chiropractor I was seeing there commented that I was in the worst shape he had ever seen me. I gave him a list of all the chiropractors covered by my insurance and he called every one of them to find the best fit, a doctor that used a drop table technique. The last one on the list was Dr. Peres.

I began seeing Dr. Peres in March of 2011 and was instantly pleased with him, his office staff, and the ease of scheduling appointments. If it weren’t for my regular adjustments I would not be able to do all the things I love to do!

~Laura S.

Neck and low back pain were the problems I was having that caused me to seek treatment from Dr. Peres. For months, I was having constant pain and I was unable to walk, stand or sit for long periods of time. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Peres and he is just AWESOME!!Since I have begun seeing Dr. Peres I feel great and have no pain. I also have a lot more energy than I had and even my asthma is better. I wish I would have done this a long time ago. My husband is just getting started with chiropractic and I know he will feel better in a few adjustments.
The staff at Dr. Peres’ office is truly the best! Thanks girls..

~Linda L.
Receiver at Wal-Mart

Since April of 2013 I have been having trouble with my left hip and leg that would hurt all the time. It was hard to bend over and to pick up anything. It was also hard to walk normal. I came to see Dr. Peres after seeing another doctor and he told me that I had arthritis. He advised me to take a pain pill which didn’t seem to work. Then a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Peres.

On May 10,2013,1 started seeing Dr. Peres and he has been very helpful in with adjusting my back and my hip. Progress was very slow with the first several adjustments but now I can tell it is helping quite a bit. I can now get into my pick-up a lot better and I have a lot less pain now.

~J.D. S.

I was having problems with my low back and my left arm when I started to see Dr. Peres. I have had problems with my low back for multiple years and my arm for about 6-8 months. My normal home activities and work have been hindered because of these problems. I have received 2 steroid shots in my low back. I started my treatment in November of 2012 and Dr. Peres has been very helpful and my back and arm are much better.
~Robert B.
City of La Porte

About 2 months prior to coming for my first visit with Dr .Peres, I was having trouble walking without any pain. I cannot recall a specific incident that caused my pain. The pain was so bad that it was interfering with my job and I needed people to help with my tasks at work. So my friend Lydia referred me to Dr. Peres’ office. I did not go and see any other doctors for my condition.

Since having chiropractic treatment, I am not in constant pain, have any limping and I do not need help at work. The whole office staff is very helpful and friendly. I will be referring La Porte Chiropractic to all my friends and family.


I started coming to see Dr. Peres because I was having body aches, especially in my back. I contribute my problems to old age. My problems have been going on for about a year and has interfered with my daily life making normal tasks painful..I started receiving treatment in May of 2013, when my wife, who is also a patient of Dr. Peres’, referred me. Dr. Peres is very diligent in his therapy and is also very informative. Since beginning treatment, I am in less pain and I have a better quality of life.
~Joe H.
Lab Tech

My family and I started treatment at La Porte Chiropractic after suffer from an auto accident. Right after the accident, my husband and I were suffering from terrible back pain. My kids, ages 5 and 6, started having a low immune system and trouble falling asleep.

Since being under Dr. Peres’s chiropractic care, my whole family is thriving! The kids have been doing extremely well. They are falling asleep faster, sleeping through the night. If one of them got a cold, they got over it within a day. My husband and I feel so relaxed and comfortable with our care. Dr. Peres is a great family doctor and the staff have been awesome through it all!

~Janie, Gabriel, Raydin (age 6), Gabrielle (age 5)

Once I got to the point of not being able to drive very far and walking had become difficult from my neck and back pain being so severe; I decided to try a chiropractor my friend referred me to.

In just two short weeks, I’m not hurting as much and I can do more! I just love Dr. Peres; he is so nice! He and his staff take the time to explain everything that is going on. That is so rare these days.

~Linda G.

For the past few years, I started experiencing neck and back pain, and I had daily headaches. It became hard to sleep, get out of bed, and go to work. I was tired of taking pain medications that only seemed to covering up the pain.
A coworker of mine started treating at Dr. Peres’s office and told me to check it out. Since seeking chiropractic care, I am sleeping so much better! My pain has subsided significantly that I can work in my yard and ride my horses again.

~Cheri H.

I came to see Dr. Peres because I was having low back and neck pain. I believe this was caused from a incident I had in which I fell on some stairs of a crane about a year ago. After this accident, I was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time. My neck kept me from sleeping soundly because I had to readjust about every V2 hour.
Crane Mechanic

I started coming to Dr. Peres after I started having back pains due to a car accident. The pain interfered with my everyday life such as standing, lifting, and even swallowing. I heard about the office through my attorney, I started going to the office a few days after my car accident.

Since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Peres not only has my back pain gotten better but I’ve also noticed that my pain from menstrual cramps has eased a lot. The pain used to hurt from waist down to my feet, now the pain has eased immensely.

~Tiffany C.

I would like to thank Dr. Peres for improving my quality of life. Initially I visited his office for lower back pain and stiffness/pain in my lower legs. I will admit I was a bit skeptical if Dr. Peres was going to be able to help my situation.

Dr Peres’ approach to correct what ailed me was specific to “ME” and I started seeing results rather quickly. Prom my perspective on the table the first few adjustments didn’t seem very straightforward to perform. I appreciated Dr. Peres’ due diligence to make the adjustments. As my original concerns lessened and I had improvements showing other concerns arose. Dr. Peres was quick to help with these using different adjustment techniques.

~Jim P.
Wal-Mart Logistics
Area Manager

Pain in my back, neck, right arm and my sciatica caused me to seek treatment at Dr. Peres’ office. I have had these problems for about 7 years after falling down some stairs. I noticed my pain was interfering with my normal activities like sleeping comfortably. I felt like I had tried everything to ease my pain such as acupuncture and physical therapy.

I found out about the office through my daughter and began my care March 2013. Dr. Peres is wonderful! He is very helpful and truly cares for me as a patient. Besides my pain being much better, I am also sleeping better and noticed my constipation is getting better. I would recommend Dr. Peres anytime!

~Ruth. K

A Chiropractor saved my life when I was young. To make a very long story short, I was in an automobile accident when I was 3 years old and pinched some nerves in my spine. This made me highly allergic to most everything I touched and ate. An entire year, many allergists and vitamin deficiency later, my Gramps Erickson suggested that we try “one of them new-fangled Chiropractors”. No more hives and I could eat as much peanut butter and jelly I wanted. I was cured.

Through the years, I have not had any problems, but I had an incident that made me journey back last year. There was no trauma per se, but somehow I had again pinched nerves, in my neck this time. The symptoms consisted of much neck and shoulder pain and a constant tingling (pins and needles) in my arms and hands. I found Dr. Peres. Over the past year, Dr. Peres has almost completely cured the problem despite my sporadic attendance. My neck pain is 90% relieved and my hands and arms hardly ever tingle any more.

~Rhonda V.

I have been suffering from lower back pain on and off for about 5 years. Sometimes the pain was so bad it made it very difficult to walk. I was driving by and saw the Chiropractor sign and decided to go in to check Dr. Peres out. Since seeking chiropractic treatment I can now walk without the lower back pain.

~Daniel V.

I’ve suffered from lower back pain off and on for about 10-15 years. The pain keeps me from performing normal activities. I had to make slow transitions from one position to another. I’ve seen Medical doctors and other chiropractors in the past and saw little improvement.

Dr. Peres is more gentle than previous chiropractors. I am able to lead a normal life since beginning my care with Dr. Peres. I was pleased that Dr. Peres has many different techniques at his office that he uses in order to make it easier on the patient.

~Carol H.

For about 4-5 years now I have suffered with low back pain. With the bad back pain I didn’t feel like doing anything, I just figured the pain was due to the aging process.

My wife is a patient of Dr. Peres and referred me to come see him also. I’ve been coming to see Dr. Peres now for a couple months. My wife and I are in a lot less pain do to regular adjustments. I have noticed that I can drive longer with less frequent stops and do yard work with ease.

Dr. Peres and his staff are very professional and courteous.

~David G.

I have been receiving treatment at this office since 1985. I used to come and see Dr. Mark Woods and I then continued my care once Dr. Peres took over the practice.

Low back pain due to a pinched nerve has caused me to have trouble walking sometimes so bad I can’t seem to do normal daily activities. My results with chiropractic adjustments are sometimes instant relief where as other times it takes a few adjustment to get the relief I need.

I love the treatment I receive from Dr. Peres and his staff.

~Annie S.

A coworker told me about seeking treatment at Dr. Peres’ office after my back and neck pain progressed. I’ve had these problems for about a year where it made it hard to get through the day, at time I would wake up with severe neck/ back pain.

Dr. Peres and the staff are great! Since seeking treatment at the office my neck and back pain are gone. And the pillow Dr. Peres recommended has been a life-saver.

~Elisa M.

I started my care at La Porte Chiropractic in January 2013 due to chronic upper and lower back pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad it would keep me from doing things outdoors which is my favorite place to be and at other times, it has kept me from doing easy tasks such as walking across a room. I sought out chiropractic because in my experience, other Doctors way of helping was to just pass out pills.

As a result of my care, my back no longer hurts! As a side bonus my sugar levels are down, I am almost off all of my diabetes medication. Dr. Peres is very personable and open to ideas. Everyone here is very helpful and attentive. I brought some fear baggage with me; this team was very patient and gentle and got me through it!

~Debbie P.

My brother in law referred me to the office back in August. I was having problems with low back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and mobility. The issues have been going on for 20+ years and progressively getting worse the older I get. I sometimes couldn’t even do normal everyday activities due to the pain.

I regularly see Dr. Carrell and Dr. Peres; both doctors are very good at working with me. Since I started coming into the office, my knee pain has reduced and the adjustments have helped my low back!

~Gregg. P
Construction Foreman

I started coming into the office in 1995 to see Dr. Woods when a friend recommended me coming in for adjustments to help with my low back pain. I had trouble walking and doing many outdoor activities due to the pain. I went to another doctor but all he wanted to do was prescribe me pain pills.

I’ve recently been coming in and seeing Dr. Carrell. I like the way he adjust me. I am feeling much better since starting back up again with my regular adjustments.

~Robert D.