The Best!

Dr. Peres is the best! Watson sleeps most visits during his adjustments or is usually asleep within minutes of being adjusted, he even sleeps through the whole night now. No more hours of him screaming each night at 9pm from colic either! – Watson

No More Ear Infections

I started bringing my daughter Maren to see Dr. Peres a few months ago, for her re-occurring ear infections. As a result from the constant ear infections, she was having to miss a lot of school and was always on antibiotics. Someone that my wife works with had told her that Chiropractic adjustments can actually help with ear infections. Maren started her treatment in June of 2016 and hasn’t had any ear infections since then. Dr. Peres was amazing with her. He always takes the time to make her feel as comfortable as possible by just being silly and laughing with her. Since seeing her progress, I also started going to see Dr. Peres once a month and have seen amazing results in myself as well.
Thank You for all your help. – Mother of Maren Wiley

Drugfree Approach

My 2 year old son Braxton was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Over the period of two weeks, I noticed it was effecting his appetite and also his sleep. Sometimes he could go a whole day without eating anything or napping. I couldn’t afford all the medication the ER prescribed him so I decided to take him to the chiropractor to try a drugfree approach to see if that would help. I was completely in shock at the results! After just one adjustment, Braxton had ZERO symptoms and the babysitter told me she got him to eat a muffin and take a 3 hour nap. I am very pleased with the results and I am so glad he is back to his old self! – Braxton